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Nước Cân Bằng pH cho da – TOUN28

Son dưỡng – 2 loại – TOUN28

It was made using only edible ingredients. The excellent moisturizing Sarasu seed butter moisturizes the lips and mouths that are prone to roughness.

Dầu gội đầu – 4 Loại – TOUN28

Size: 85g-100g Benefits: A hair soap bar with 4 types delivers gently and thorough cleansing of impurities and gently nourishes the hair and the scalp. S18 Tangleweed Extract: Contains Tangleweed extract that remove hair gel and hair wax thoroughly and rejuvenates the hair. S19 Baobab Oil: Features Baobab Tree Oil enriches in over...

Nước Cân Bằng pH cho da – TOUN28

Cách dùng: Một loại toner nuôi dưỡng giúp duy trì sự cân bằng độ pH của da sau khi làm sạch và bảo vệ da khỏi kích ứng bên ngoài. Tính năng chiết xuất từ hoa dâm bụt hữu cơ được làm giàu với Anthocyanin và Vitamin C để cung...

Kem dưỡng da tay – TOUN28

It is a necessary thing for us to have a lot of hand use in life. The back of the hand skin is thinner than the face skin and is exposed more often to living friction, so it is made by paying more attention than the face. We did not...

Tia HEV hữu cơ (Ánh sáng xanh) và Màn hình UV B1, B2 – TOUN28

B1/B2 is the world's first organic blocking agent that simultaneously defends blue light and blocks ultraviolet rays. (Available from a 1-year-old child) 1. It is a blocker that simultaneously defends and blocks blue light (HEV) and ultraviolet light (UV). 2. Bluelight increases the active oxygen, the biggest cause of skin...

Xà phòng rửa chén – 3 Loại – TOUN28

Size: 100g Benefits: A dish soap excludes from preservatives and detergents that can be used for washing kitchen utensils and fruits. S26 Organic Grain: Features organic grains and rice that moisturize the hands during dishwashing and thoroughly remove the oil on the kitchen utensils. S27 Charcoal: Contains eatable charcoal and organic oats that...

Bộ dưỡng da cơ thể – 3 Loại – TOUN28

Size: 60ml x 3 packs Benefits: A moisturizing body lotion delivers rich moisture to your skin and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Formulated with Selastin extracted from Ecklonia Cava from Jeju that helps tighten pores and enhance skin elasticity. Features Urea that delivers hydration to the skin and keeps the...

Các giải pháp cho da – 9 Loại – TOUN28

Size: 10ml Benefits: A collection of nourishing essence features different formula for solving different types of skin problems. T1 Hyaluronic Acid: Formulated with 5-Multi Hyaluronic Acid that provides oil-free and deep hydration to the skin. T2 Vitamin C: Contains 100,000ppm of Vitamin C that helps brighten up the skin tone. T3 PHA: Consists of...


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