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SiMPNiC S1 Keeper

The heart of SiMPNiC smart home system. It connects all SiMPNiC devices and operate as the center of its eco-system. Easy to set up by LAN or Wi-Fi. Even if your home router does not work, SiMPNiC Keeper-S1 still control all connected devices and automation runs as usual. Most important...

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SiMPNiC Door/Window Contact Sensor

Compact, small, and easy to install. SiMP Contact Sensor can simply be installed  on your window or doors. When you’re away from home, turn it on to send notifications when there is an invasion. Protect anything you don’t want others to open. For example, the drawer in which medicine kids...

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SiMPNiC Motion Detection Sensor

Capture anything that matters. To protect your home from invasion, SiMPNiC Motion Sensor act as a trigger to turn on other devices. Its long sensing distance and wide sensing range ensure everything in its hold. Notification will also push to your smartphone. Make your rooms smart. The advantage of SiMPNiC...

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SiMPNiC IR Remote Control

Powerful Multi-purpose Remote Control Annoyed by different remote controls? Can’t find the right one? Now, you can throw them all away. Introduce SiMPNiC Remote, a simple, clever device to integrate all your remote controls into one. You can use it to control your air conditioner, television…etc. You can find most...

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SiMPNiC Smart Plug

On or off, as your wish. SiMP Plug enables you to turn on/ off home appliances anytime, anywhere, anyhow. By setting automation in your SiMPNiC App, you can power on/ off specific appliance at specific time point. Enjoy fresh brewed coffee in the morning. When you wake up in the...

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Change Light Color in One Touch SiMP Strip enable you to control your light by pushing the control button. You can use it as the illumination for home theater, or indicator light when you wake up at night. Spec SiMP Strip (SLS-01-SW) RGBW multilevel colors Color Temp: 2700-6500K, 900 lm...

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SiMPNiC Smart Wireless Auto-Tracking IP Camera

See the Entire Room… SiMPNiC smart PT camera gives you 360° coverage. Horizontal : 355° Vertical : 90° Field of View (fixed) : 130° (vertical) x 80° (horizontal) SiMPNiC Active Auto-Tracking! Never miss the spot and additional peace-of-mind with SAAT. The camera pro-actively track down the checkpoints and aiming to...

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SiMPNiC Smart Bulb

Not just a bulb SiMPNiC Bulb provides you the freedom of atmosphere control. With scene and automation setting, you can enjoy the right ambiance at the right time. In the morning, the white lighting help you get up easily. When you go home after work, the warm lighting gives you...

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SiMPNiC Smart-Home Starter Kit -02

SiMPNiC Smart-Home Starter Kit SiMPNiC Smart Home Kit provides a complete yet affordable Eco-System for Smart Home freshmen. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on comparing and buying additional expensive appliances. Upgrade your home, just by one kit from SiMPNiC. SiMPNiC S1 Keeper: SiMPNiC Smart...

MOQ : 10