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Unique Haptic Gear (Console) / by mounting the mobile phone via Bluetooth – BB MOUSE

What is a Haptic Console? This Haptic gear can be used by mounting the mobile phone to the Haptic Console and connecting it to the phone via Bluetooth to feel all kinds of sounds such as FPS, racing games, YouTube videos, movies, and music with realistic Haptic vibrations Easy to...

FITRUS LIGHT – Portable Body Composition Analyzer, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle, Heart Rate, Stress Level, USB Powered – FITRUS

[  FITRUS LIGHT  ] It Lights Up Your Health! OSD’s Finest Portable Body Composition Analyzer, [FITRUS LIGHT] is available now. You can now measure your body composition including; Body Fat Percentage (BFP), Body Fat Mass (BFM), Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM), Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Water Percentage (BWP), and Basal...

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