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Mini Grissini with Linseed & Rosemary – SIENNA AND FRIENDS

"Too good to share" Snacks : Snacks for little children

Organic apple juice infused with organic fresh green mint leaves 750ml – LE COQ TOQUÉ!

Organic apple juice infused with organic fresh green mint leaves 750ml  – LE COQ TOQUÉ! Pure organic apple juice 99%, infused with organic fresh green mint leaves 1%. To drink chilled

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Olive and tomato Crackers 200g – Nera Plant

Nera Plant olive and tomato Crackers A healthy and nutritious snack Crispy, nutritious and healthy, Nera Plant olive and tomato Crackers go perfect with any break you want a snack, anywhere – at home, at school, at the office or in the car. They can also replace bread, alone or...

Premium Rose Honey – GO PURE

Go Pure Finest Infused Organic Rose Honey, a combination of rose oil and the liquid gold (acacia honey). These two raw materials were found in two different part of the world, Rose oil was gathered in the lower mountains of Central Bulgaria which were known by the world famous rose...

Deep Elder – Deep Love – 10oz

Deep Elder is a non-carbonated premium Elderflower Lemonade made with real Elderflower extracts. Our Elderflowers are handpicked. As a benefit, Deep Elder is infused with powerful antioxidants. Throughout time, flowers have been the symbol of beauty and love. Deep Elder embodies the tradition with its color, aroma and taste. Only...

Soothing Silver Lozenges 20 ct – Bucklebury

ucklebury Soothing Natural Silver Lozenge – Soothing Support for Throat, Oral and Immune System | Throat Lozenges with Organic Honey, Real Lemon Oil, Triple Strength Silver 30ppm – 20 Lozenge PROVIDES TREMENDOUS IMMUNE SUPPORT – Our great-tasting natural lozenge is made from organic honey and real lemon oil. It contains...

MOQ : 32
Crunchables Organic Apple Fruit Snacks 8ct – That’s it. Fruit Snacks

That’s it. Crunchables Organic Apple Fruit Snacks. Only 1 ingredient. ingredients: organic apples

MOQ : 864
Hrus-Hrus salty sticks Classic 60g – Hrus-Hrus

Hrus-Hrus salty sticks Classic 60g: Well-baked salty sticks with crunchy structure, sprinkled with salt crystals. The great taste is achieved without any artificial flavours or GMOs. The key ingredient is natural wheat flour derived from our own grain yield of selected wheat varieties and produced in our own milling complex....

Chokeberry natural juice 250ml – Nera Plant

Nera Plant black chokeberry Eco Juice Organic cold-pressed juice The enticing flavour of just-picked black chokeberries comes now closer to your family! Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, out of nature’s generosity, Nera Plant black chokeberry Eco Juice comes to invigorate and revitalise your day! A vitamin cocktail in the...

MOQ : 35
Scratch My Pork – Pork Crackling with An Irish Twist / Salt & Vinegar Flavour (24 x 30g packs) -The Skibbereen Food Company

MOUTH WATERING: An addictive combination, lightly tangy crackling with a hint of salt and a natural sweetness FRESH PORK CRUNCH: 100% Pork Rind, packed in a foil bag to lock in the freshness and flavour. PREMIUM QUALITY PORK RINDS: Cooked in its own fat and juices, absorbing all the flavour...

MOQ : 24
Organic Baby biscuits 180g – Boni Selection

Organic (EU certified) baby biscuits with vitamin B1. – For babies <6months: crumble the biscuits in porridge of fruit mush – For babies < 9 months: the baby can eat the biscuits on his own, if they are ready (they are already eating bread) Caution: make sure the baby is...

MOQ : 1176
Italian Tonic 200ml – GALVANINA

This Tonic stands out thanks to its delicate and non-intrusive flavor, with just a hint of bergamot. The essence of the aromatic used gives to Galvanina Italian Tonic a certain elegance and makes it extremely interesting for adding a twist to more traditional cocktails, giving them that hint of something...

Kikobero Coffee – 250 g – 100% Pure Arabica Single-Origin Coffee -Specialty, Whole Bean, Medium & Dark Roast- Fine Grind 84.63 Cup Score – Kikobero Coffee

DISCRIPTION Kikobero Specialty Roast Beans & Fine Ground Packed Coffee Hygienically prepared and roasted by our professional, committed and motivated team at Makerere University Research Institute of Agriculture  into two (2) varieties of Medium and Dark roast, depending on our customers’ preferences. The roasted Kikobero Specialty Coffee beans are then...

MOQ : 4000
ESPECIAL CAFETERIAS- Roasted whole bean coffee 1 kg NOVELL

Blend of Arabica and Robusta with an Italian personality. The result is an intense and very creamy cup with hints of licorice, cedar, caramel and sunflower seeds in its taste, along with a cedar, cereals and chamomile aroma. This coffee is very suitable for coffee lovers and for working environments,...

Nhan Tran Ca gai Instant Tea

USES Helps clear heat, cool the liver, detoxify the liver. Support to enhance liver function in cases of hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, drinking a lot of alcohol and drugs harmful to the liver. Support to reduce symptoms of jaundice, itching, hives, high liver enzymes due to impaired liver function. SUBJECTS...

MOQ : 50
Spelled flakes 250g – Your Organic Nature

Deliciously crispy roasted spelled flakes. Traditionally produced by means of rollers. Not by extrusion. No added sugar.

MOQ : 450
Eucalyptus Honey – Classic Series – Hardens Own

Harden’s Own Honey is family owned and managed businesses operating out of Harden, NSW Australia. It was founded by Tanson’s family. Beekeeping was a way of life brought to Australia with our family in 1858 and has continued to be Tanson family’s livelihood through to the modern day, over five...

Milk Biscuits 200gms -NuVita

Delicious milky biscuits are a perfect snack on the go and a great snack for morning or afternoon tea breaks. Wheat Flour(Gluten), Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Inverted Sugar Syrup, Whey Derivatives(Milk), Salt, Baking Agents ( E500ii, E503ii), Malt Extract, Permitted Flavours, Emulsifier(Soy)( E322) Delicious Biscuits

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Organic Vanilla Powder – Pure and Sure

A vanilla flavored powder that is made by grinding dried vanilla beans into a fine textured powder. When heat is applied to the ingredients, Vanilla Powder holds its flavor better than a vanilla extract, making it best suited for flavorings used for foods that are heated in some manner, such...

MOQ : 100
Strawberry & Orange Blossom Jam (Organic) – Lucky

Lucky is a range of 3 organic jams with an extra touch of soul. 70% fruit with a secret ingredient to make your taste buds dance…all made in Belgium. Lucky jams add a touch of chic to your breakfast.200 grAverage nutritional value per 100 g: Energy 745 kJ/ 175kcal Fat...

MOQ : 3072
KETO 90 Second Ginger Spice Bread in a Mug Mix – Get Ya Yum On

Who doesn’t love homebaked Gingerbread! Delicious with lashings of butter or topped with cream cheese Keto-friendly icing this bread is the ultimate “feel good” snack! Just add 1 TBSP butter (or any oil) and 1 large egg (room temperature is best) to our dry mix in a mug or ramekin...

MOQ : 10
Cacao 15 Day Weight Loss Formula – Living Lean Australia

The Living Lean 15 Day Natural Weight Loss Formula is the only product that you will need to improve your health and well-being and strip body-fat fast with great-tasting cacao flavouring. Living Lean is a completely natural, synergistic blend of trace minerals and organic nutrient dense superfoods to have your...

MOQ : 500

Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice is packaged in long-life cartons that keep out the light, keeping the product fresher for longer. This means the juice inside retains its true flavor and needs no preservatives and no added sugar. This packaging also means that Rhodes Fruit Juice can be kept in the...

MOQ : 162
Lavender Crunch – Green Collective SG

Bakening crunches are light and snack-friendly, but heavy with nutrients. They are made with 100% real nut/ seed bases (unlike commercial cookies which are typically made with empty carb flour + artificial flavorings). Share them with your toddlers/ kids without guilt, but be warned that it is highly addictive, for both...

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Indian Veggie Sauce – SIENNA AND FRIENDS

Taste Adventures - Sauces : Sauces for little children