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Premium Hojicha- Matcha Matcha

Premium Hojicha Powder (30g) Hojicha is a autumn high roasted Japanese green tea. This premium hojicha powder is extra smooth, 99% decaf, traditionally an after dinner tea. Its high roasted nutty, caramelised aroma is beautiful to both drink and use in dessert making. Popular for cake making, icecreams and lattes

Tropical Rooibos Tea, 15 Pyramid Tea Bags x 8 Packs – Eco Friendly, Camellios

A mouth-watering tropical fruit tea blend, with a strong hint of vanilla. Our pyramid tea bags are biodegradable and filled with the finest whole leaves. Hand Blended in the UK Sustainable Packaging: Recyclable outer carton Biodegradable tea bags Plastic free Natureflex inner bag Ingredients: Rooibos (40%), Desiccated Coconut, Apple Pieces,...

Coconut Water with Prebiotics and Lychee – Koko & Karma

Koko & Karmas ideal tummy tonic. Our pure coconut water, with added Prebiotic’s and a touch of Lychee it is delicious and calming to your tummy. Ideal for after a large meal or as a daily tonic for better digestive health.

MOQ : 3600
Organic sparkling Yerba Maté – ORIGINAL flavour – 330ml Can -NATURALLY DRIVEN

Our Original flavour is for your purest. Its purposely designed to showcase the amazing flavours of Yerba Maté. Similar to green tea. But to give it that extra kick of flavour we have added some organic grapefruit juice and a touch of Ginger. Background flavours that seamlessly flow and deliver...

MOQ : 2184
Apple juice 250ml – Nera Plant

Nera Plant apple Eco Juice Organic cold-pressed juice The enticing flavour of just-picked apples comes now closer to your family! Rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, out of nature’s generosity, Nera Plant apple Eco Juice comes to invigorate and revitalise your day! A vitamin cocktail in the so flavoured sweetness...

MOQ : 35
Real Seville Orange Flavour Carbonated Soft Drink (330ml Cans) – Low Calorie – Pure Cane Sugar – 100% Natural Flavours (1 Case = 24 Cans per case)– PURA Soda

If you’re feeling fancy you can call it ‘citrus auranitum’. We call it Seville Orange, or just plain delicious. Because that’s what this citrus delight from Seville, Spain is. Pura Soda offers a range of soft drinks that are made from natural flavours and contain no colourants. Made from just...

MOQ : 1
Earl Grey Black Tea 65 Grams Tin-The Kettlery

Your favorite Earl Grey Tea has gotten a much deserved facelift. The Kettlery’s new Earl Grey tea tin has the same great taste and flavor of the famous earl grey morning breakfast tea in a whole new tin based packaging specially created for your safety and convenience. Enjoy the same...

MOQ : 1008
Earl’s Favourite Tea 15 Infusion Sticks – Bulgarian Mursal Tea

The Earl’s Favourite The story goes that the classic earl grey recipe was given to former British Prime Minister, Charles Earl Grey in gratitude after one of his staff saved a Chinese Mandarin’s son from drowning. Our distinguished brew (a homage to the classic) blends uplifting Kenyan leaf tea and...

MOQ : 228
Mangosteen 12x330ml CAN – I am Superjuice

All the fruits we use for Iam Super Juice have natural health benefits, each fruit has its own power to contribute to a delicious fresh juice. Iam Super Juice has six flavours; lychee, passion fruit, mango, mangosteen, soursop and coconut. The flavour choices are based on these special healthy fruits....

MOQ : 168
Darjeeling Oolong Tea bags (Pack of 25) – The Kettlery

A rare single estate oolong from the majestic mountains of Darjeeling. The golden liquor makes a purifying drink with underlying smokiness of the oolong tea leaves.

MOQ : 200
Grandmas Garden – 100% Organic blend of Yerba Maté, Hibsicus, Rose and Calendula Tea – 150 Gram pack- NATURALLY DRIVEN

For us a special place was grandmas garden. A place of flowers, aroma and memories to be treasured. This blend is an amazing, bright pink, an infusion that is so refreshing. Hibiscus Rose and Calendula are all rich in Vitamin C and packed full of antioxidants. Energy-boosting Yerba Maté with...

MOQ : 280
Petite Assorted Blooming Tea Set – Green Collective SG

Description: Bring along this small token to any gathering or occasion. Definitely a great conversation starter and something that brings a smile to your dearest ones. Each petite red bag consists of 6 teaballs. Flavors: 6 Assorted Types: Yellow Meadow- Natural Green Tea, Courtesan Secret- Natural Green Tea, Tuscan Sun-Natural Green Tea,...

MOQ : 100
Ginger & Lemongrass Tea – 1kg Loose Leaf – Foodservice – Camellios

A refreshing herbal infusion of spicy ginger, aromatic lemongrass and a hint of liquorice. Hand Blended in the UK Caffeine-Free Ginger (39%), Elderberries, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Liquorice, Lime Peel, Lemongrass (3%), Orange Peel, Natural Flavouring

ImmuTic B Herbal Water – Ghilli

ImmuTic B is a Vitamin B rich herbal water. The unique combination of “ImmuTic Technology” with Vitamin B helps to relieve all kinds of stress. Rejuvenating the body on a cellular level and helps to strengthen the body and general health maintenance. ImmuTic B improves blood circulation throughout the body....

MOQ : 2000

Description ANTIOXIDANT SUPER FRUIT “CRANBERRY AND ELDERBERRY FLAVORED WATER INFUSION DROPS” Light, delicious cranberry and elderberry flavor Powerful super-fruit combination of antioxidant-rich elderberry and cranberry deliver high levels of immunity support May support urinary tract health Great taste helps you drink more water for healthy hydration Naturally sweetened with stevia...