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Vietnamese Cashew Nuts Kernels WS – SELECTED

We are representatives of many direct exporters/ processors. We would like to connect with international cashew buyers. We can supply in bulk quantity, regular shipment – Viet Nam cashew kernel:  WW240, WW320, WW450, WS, LP, SP, SW320, SW240, LBW. BB, LWP, cashew powder, etc Our policy to guarantee the best...

MOQ : 16
Gold Medar Laver ( Omega3 ) – SONGHWA

Geum (Gold) Medal Laver uses top-quality laver grown in the clean waters of the West coast of Korea. Its sheets are thin in thickness and soft in taste. This product contains OMEGA-3 and EPA which is good for children at their growth stages. Each container has quality laver sheets cut...

Dedicato Tagliatelle Nidi 81 – Granoro

Tagliatelle are consumed all over Italy and are part of the long, flat pasta family. They originate from the northern regions of Italy, especially in the culinary traditional in the Emilia Romagna region. Their natural versatility makes them delicious with all types of condiments. They are excellent for first courses...

MOQ : 2000

Scrocchi® Sesame and Poppy seeds – Italian Crackers with Sesame and Poppy seeds Scrocchi® Crackers are a classic snack in the Italian bakery Tradition, the name Scrocchi reminds the crunchy sound you hear when eating one by one. Sesame and Poppy seeds are always been in the kitchen all over...

Bio Vegetable Broth – Veg’ N co

Bio Vegetable Broth (250 g) The fat-free organic vegetable broth with plenty of B12: Tasty and healthy for soups or for spicing General Information organic vegan contains plenty of natural GMO-free vitamin B12 fatfree instant made in Switzerland a product of PanVega AG

MOQ : 360
Smoked Almonds 41g – CHIKA’S

So many delighted and devoted ‘snackies’ out there have. But perhaps you’ve been too busy. Maybe, through wrongly assuming that “all almonds are the same”, you’ve simply grabbed the first packet you’ve come across in your rush to get the shopping done. So that you can return home. Kick off...

MOQ : 60
Peppermint Grean Tea – Suwirun 50g

Fresh peppermint leaves give this mint tea recipe a pungent menthol aroma and flavor. Since this tea is made with an herb, it is technically considered an herbal tea or tisane. Serve it hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened and with or without lemon.

DNV Turmeric Powder 50 g – DNV

Turmeric Powder has been used for ages in India and now various parts of the world for its numerous health benefits other than its culinary uses. It helps fight off harmful invaders and repairs damage caused by bacteria, viruses and injuries. Its slightly peppery and warm flavor, vibrant color and...

Organic Acacia Honey – GO PURE

Organic Acacia Honey comes from acacia flower from the Acacia trees are sourced directly from the unpolluted highland of Romania, grown only on mineral rich land. Hailed as liquid gold in Europe, Go Pure™ Organic Acacia Honey is ranked as one of the top kinds of honey in the world....


Product Description Pasta spirals in a creamy cheese sauce Take a mug shot moment! Slow Down for a Few Delicious Minutes with Mug Shot, the Warm, Comforting, Flavour-Packed Snack That’s Good to Go in Five. Use Your Favourite Mug for the Perfect Pick Me Up. Don’t Recycle Less Than 2%...

MOQ : 320
Seaweed Crunch – Green Collective SG

Bakening crunches are light and snack-friendly, but heavy with nutrients. They are made with 100% real nut/ seed bases (unlike commercial cookies which are typically made with empty carb flour + artificial flavorings). Share them with your toddlers/ kids without guilt, but be warned that it is highly addictive, for both...

MOQ : 500
Blueberry Sorbet Organic 550ml – Biogood

Organic hand-made artisanal blueberry sorbet. Refreshing and healthy made from fresh blueberries. Made in Belgium with fresh blueberries. Made from organic ingredients: blueberries , sugar cane, carob

MOQ : 192
Wholegrain Snack Tomato & Herbs – Dr. Karg’s – 110g

Wholegrain Snack Tomato & Herbs This tasty wholegrain snack radiates Mediterranean charm with a combination of sun-ripened tomatoes and aromatic basil, rosemary and oregano. Natural product – without additives High in fibre 100 % wholegrain flour Crispbread Snack. Ingredients: wholegrain wheat flour (69 %), dried tomato pieces (7 %), extra...

MOQ : 900
Veggie Boost Sachets 10g x 14 – MAVELLA

Mavella Veggie Boost is packed with veggies (8 Vegetables and 5 Superfoods – Queensland grown Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Carrot, Cauliflower and Pumpkin. Supergreens – Barley and Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Alfalfa, Chia) that growing kids need. Mavella Veggie Boost was designed as we struggled to get veggies into our...

Elovena 10x25g 100% Oat Biscuit Cheese – Elovena

Elovena 100% oat biscuits are made from wholegrain oats and are free from wheat. Oats together with rapeseed oil creates a deliciously crispy texture while keeping the level of saturated fats to a minimum. Wholegrain oats are full of fibre to keep the hunger at bay. Sugar levels have been...

MOQ : 648
Coffee Ice Cream Organic 550ml – Biogood

Organic hand-made artisanal Coffee milk ice cream. Made in Belgium with freshly brewed coffee and lots of love. All organic ingredients: coffee , milk, butter, sugar cane, carob.

MOQ : 192
Choco Sea Salt Crunch – Green Collective SG

Bakening crunches are light and snack-friendly, but heavy with nutrients. They are made with 100% real nut/ seed bases (unlike commercial cookies which are typically made with empty carb flour + artificial flavorings). Share them with your toddlers/ kids without guilt, but be warned that it is highly addictive, for both...

MOQ : 500
Vegan Ice Cream Strawberry Sunset 120ml – HAPPY COCO

The organic strawberries in this subtle ice cream make your mouth water for more. Fresh and wonderful creamy at the same time. Plus: this delight is 100% vegan, organic and CO2 neutral. What else do you need?!

Pure Canada Maple Syrup 250ml – TURKEY HILL SUGARBUSH

• Pure Canadian Grade A Maple Syrup. • High Quality product packaged using a 1 Micron Filter • Amber Rich Taste • This Mini Jug is good for carrying , small gifts, Test taster, add to Tea and Coffee

[AMME] LIGHT & EASYMEAL PLUS – serendi beauty / amme

Size: 15EA / 30g x 15ea Benefits: – Meal replacement with calories DOWN and full satisfaction UP. – Nutritional balance from protein and vitamins. – Great for people who wants to have a convenient meal in a busy daily life. Directions for Use: – Open lid of the pouch and...

MOQ : 10
Manuka Honey MGO 100+ 250g – Nelson Honey

Manuka Honey MG 100+ (250g) – Nelson Honey Nelson Honey’s Manuka Honey is sourced from the pure, clean, and untouched natural environments at the top of the South Island in New Zealand. The Cropp family, who are fourth generation beekeepers, founded Nelson Honey. Our bees are allowed to pollinate the...

MOQ : 12
Apple Crisps with strawberry juice – Crispy Natural

WE PRODUCE THE BEST CRISPS FROM NATURAL AND FRESH INGREDIENTS: Crispy Natural are produced in an innovative drying technology, thanks to which Crispy Natural retain higher levels of nutrients and vitamins than in standard drying technologies. The origin of products and the way they are grown are essential for us...

MOQ : 9072
Sea Salt and Vinegar Rice Crisps 25g – CHIKA’S

Sonny and Cher, Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows, Tacos and Tuesdays, Avocados and Toast, Netflix and Chill… Some things are just meant to go together! And who can forget the old classic…Salt and Vinegar! Enjoy your old favourite flavour combinations WITHOUT all the harmful added flavourings and preservatives! Don’t look so...

MOQ : 60
Proteens – Chicken Chips 26g HOT PEPPER

Proteens Chicken Chips – what is that? Proteens Chicken Chips is an innovative, healthy snack. It has only a few ingredients – premium chicken fillet, natural spices, and starter cultures. No preservatives or chemical additives. These chicken treats undergo the processes of maturation, cold smoking, and freeze-drying to guarantee the...

IBIS Rice – Organic Brown Jasmine Rice 5kg

The same Pkha Rumduol variety presented whole-grain. Forget any other brown rice you have eaten, Brown IBIS Rice cooks light and fluffy with surprising buttery notes and with all the nutrition of the bran. Certified organic and Wildlife-Friendly®. Our Rice is grown by Cambodian farmers committed to the strictest environmental standards....

MOQ : 1