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[AMME] LIGHT & DELIGHT MEAL MINT CHOCOLATE – serendi beauty / amme

Size: 15EA / 30g x 15ea Benefits: – Meal replacement with calories DOWN and full satisfaction UP. – Nutritional balance from protein and vitamins. – Great for people who love chocolate but loose weight at the same time. Directions for Use: – Open lid of the pouch and add proper...

MOQ : 10
Keto Rose Wine Tomato Sauce- Yo Mama’s Foods

Yo Mama’s Radiant Rosé Marinara is handcrafted with Rosé wine, garden fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, olive oil, basil and a sprinkle of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Lovingly made in small batches, this Mama-approved recipe contains no added sugar, GMOs, preservatives, or gluten. KETO Certified Vegan No Sugar Added Low-Sodium &...

MOQ : 264
Golden Beet + Dill Sauerkraut – Local Culture Ferments

A blend of golden beets, garlic, fresh dill and cabbage captures the essence of a sour dill pickle. A kids favorite, a must for any pickle lover! Food Pairings: This is our “go to” for sandwiches. Great with fish; try it chopped up in any summer dish salad! Think potato,...

Spicy Papaya Pickle – Kun Product

Our fruit pickles have been on the shelves since 2010 making it the longest-running product that we have on the market. We offer a diverse choice of exotic fruits ranging from ambarella, papaya, asam paya, and mangoes with more to come. Papaya, Sugar, Vinegar, Chili & Permitted Additives

Dedicato Spaghettoni – Granoro

Dedicato Spaghettoni n.110, 500g pack Spaghettoni, a bigger, chunkier variation of the classic Spaghetti, are especially good with dishes that have a strong, marked taste or for recipes that have to be tossed in the frying pan. This pasta is excellent with courgette flowers, lamb sauce, chicken livers or shellfish....

MOQ : 2000
Haynes Candied Jalapeno® Strawberry Jam – Haynes Gourmet

THE PERFECT SERVING SUGGESTION – Fresh and fruity Strawberry Jam infused with our famous Candied Jalapenos.  Using the perfect sweet and spicy flavour of our Red Candied Jalapenos, our new Strawberry Jam adds an epic twist to a classic flavour.  It sounds so wrong but tastes oh so right. HOW TO USE...


Introduction It is the product made from whole fruits or fruit pulp, or parts with seeds or not, obtained by a concentration considered safe for food production. It has approximately 40% fruit.

MOQ : 450
Premium Blended Honey Snaps – theHoneyman

Premium Blended Honey Snaps – theHoneyman Our Premium New Zealand Honey expertly blended for you by theHoneyman. It is a delicious mix of Rewarewa and Manuka Honey, resulting in a lightly floral fruity-caramel taste that is packed full of goodness.theHoneyman Premium Blended Honey Snaps are a compact honey snap pack for honey-on-the-go,...

MOQ : 12
Sour Eggplant Spicy Sauce 500g -Kun Product

Has a very unique flavor and a must-try. The sauce is using 100% fruits without artificial flavor. Known as Terung Asam 0r Terung Iban by the locals in Malaysia or Sour Eggplant or its scientific name solanum forex or the most synonym is solanium lasiocarpum dunal.Terung Asam are native to...

Green Curry Mushroom Chips – Green Collective SG

Description: Did you know Shiitake mushrooms have 10 times more flavor than conventional white mushrooms? Shiitake mushrooms are a truly unique ingredient with immense health benefits. Unlike the nutritional profiles of other plants or even animals, shiitake mushrooms have an intrinsically unique biology that is rich with rare and uncommon essential nutrients...

MOQ : 500
6 Jar Sampler Pack – Summer Bundle – Haynes Gourmet

UNIQUE GIFT – These 6 unique and delicious Candied Jalapeno products are packaged in 45 gram jars. FLAVOURS – Candied Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, Candied Jalapeno Relish, Candied Jalapeno HOT Relish, Candied Jalapeno Marmalade, Candied Jalapeno Strawberry Jam, and Candied Jalapeno Mint Jelly PERSONAL TOUCH – Each and every gift set...

Pistachio cream with dark chocolate grains Ugolini Gourmet 190 gr – Ugolini Gourmet

Pistachio cream with dark chocolate grains Ugolini Gourmet 190 gr Pistachio cream with Sicilian Pistachio and dark grains based on 100% “Modica Chocolate PGI”. Ingredients: White cream (sugar, vegetable oil and fats (oils (sunflower), fats (palm, palm kernel)), skimmed milk powder (10%), whey powder, emulsifier (E322 sunflower lecithin), flavoring (vanillin)),...

MOQ : 12
Tagliolini egg pasta with bianchetto truffle Truffleat 250 gr – TrufflEat

Tagliolini with bianchetto truffle Truffleat 250 gr Egg pasta with bianchetto truffle. The eggs used come from free-range hens fed exclusively with NON-GMO cereals. The selected durum grains are NON-GMO grains, grown, stored and aged exclusively in the Marche region. Certified organic so as to maintain a high gluten and granulometric index, to...

MOQ : 12
Whole summer truffle Truffleat 25 gr – TrufflEat

Whole summer truffle Truffleat 25 gr Whole summer truffle in a jar. Ingredients: Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), Water, salt, aroma. Allergens: The product does not contain allergenic substances or products containing these components. During collection, transfer and processing, the product is not subject to any risk of cross-contamination. It does...

MOQ : 12
Manuka Honey MGO263+ 250g – theHoneyman

Manuka Honey MGO263+ 250g – theHoneyman Sourced from clean, pure, natural landscapes of New Zealand. Our MGO263+ Manuka honey is certified to contain at least 263 mg/kg of dietary methylglyoxal, and is a fantastic way to support overall wellness.This is a Monofloral Manuka Honey, meaning it comes solely from the...

MOQ : 12
Teriyaki BBQ Crunchy Vegetables – Green Collective SG

DESCRIPTION 24 serves of veggie summery fun in each groovy bag. Nutrient dense, 100% crafted from plants tossed in rich teriyaki wonder.   INGREDIENTS Red Radish, Green Radish, Carrot, Okra, Shiitake Mushrooms, Purple Sweet Potato, Teriyaki BBQ Spices, Rice Bran Oil, Maltose, Sea Salt

MOQ : 500
Cacao Creamed Honey – Pearl Honey Spreads

The Organic Cacao Creamed Honey is smooth, spreadable with creamy consistency and fun fact, it doesn’t crystallize. flavorful organic cacao mixed with raw creamed honey provides one of the highest plant-based source of iron, magnesium and more calcium than cow’s milk -Ingredients: Raw Creamed Honey and Organic Cacao Powder -Dairy...

Vanilla Clean Protein Powder – Mighty Cricket

Mighty Cricket Protein Powder Vanilla offers 15 servings per 1 pound bag. This creamy vanilla powder blends easily with liquids for a delicious meal supplement or post-workout shake. Ingredients: Mighty Cricket Protein Powder (Acheta domesticus), organic pea protein, brown rice protein, natural flavorings, monk fruit, salt. Allergens: Not recommended for people...

MOQ : 600
Parmesan cheese cream and bianchetto truffle Truffleat 80 gr – TrufflEat

Parmesan cheese cream and bianchetto truffle 80 gr Truffleat Specialties with Parmesan cheese and bianchetto truffle. Ingredients: Cream, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 5% (Milk, salt, rennet), corn starch, Bianchetto truffle 3% (Tuber borchii Vitt.), Salt, flavorings. Acidifier: E270. ORIGIN OF MILK: ITALY. Allergens: The product contains allergenic substances or products containing...

MOQ : 12

Introduction   Chocolate powder obtained by mixing ground crystal sugar, alkaline cocoa powder and vanilla aroma. Product has 32% cocoa. Ideal for various culinary preparations.

MOQ : 400
Haynes Candied Jalapenos® – Haynes Gourmet

SWEET & SPICY – Our Candied Jalapenos are not your ordinary Jalapenos.  They are “Sweet with a little Heat”.  Thanks to our cooking process, they start off SWEET and finish with an afterburn of HEAT!  Think of it as an awesome flavour journey. THE PERFECT SERVING SUGGESTION – Spice up your canapés.  Just add soft cheese to a...

Apple + Hops Sauerkraut – Local Culture Ferments

A delicious blend of cabbage, granny smith apples, and a mild infusion of hops. Kid friendly. Food Pairings: Excellent with your meat/veggie sausage and potatoes. Great on its own as a side.

Almond Sesame Crunch – Green Collective SG

Bakening crunches are light and snack-friendly, but heavy with nutrients. They are made with 100% real nut/ seed bases (unlike commercial cookies which are typically made with empty carb flour + artificial flavorings). Share them with your toddlers/ kids without guilt, but be warned that it is highly addictive, for both...

MOQ : 500
Mango Pickle – Kun Product

Our fruit pickles have been on the shelves since 2010 making it the longest-running product that we have on the market. We offer a diverse choice of exotic fruits, ranging from ambarella, papaya, and mangoes with more to come soon! Manggo , Salt , Sugar ,Vinegar , Permitted Additives &...

Organic and heirloom pesto basil sauce – lemongrass variety – VARIETTE

Lemongrass Basil sauce, Craft Produced in south west of France, with natural ingredients very simple recipie : fresh lemongrass basil, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and spices. Extra virgin olive oil*, lemongrass basil* 45%, lemon juice*, garlic*, Guérande salt. *ingredients from Organic agriculture Multipurpose uses : in a vinaigrette,...

MOQ : 78