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Nhan Tran Ca gai Instant Tea

USES Helps clear heat, cool the liver, detoxify the liver. Support to enhance liver function in cases of hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, drinking a lot of alcohol and drugs harmful to the liver. Support to reduce symptoms of jaundice, itching, hives, high liver enzymes due to impaired liver function. SUBJECTS...

MOQ : 50
Fuwa3e Food wash water 1l

 Fuwa3e Food wash water  1l 🍍The enzyme reactions are millions of times faster than conventional chemical products, biological enzymes break down and destroy the pesticide residues in food as well as eliminate the fishy smell of raw food, make them cleaner and safer.   🍍100% Enzymes are naturally fermented from...

MOQ : 73
T.A.O spirulina

USES The product is the perfect combination between 2 superfoods Spirulina and Moringa. Provide nutrition, nourish the body, increase immunity Support to improve resistance health Supporting health promotion SUBJECTS USE Spirulina products are suitable for almost all ages from children to the elderly and especially suitable for the following subjects:...

MOQ : 50