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Spice Mix – sage, peppermint and cumin 200gr – Nera Plant

Nera Plant Spice Mix – sage, peppermint and cumin Intense and minty Nera Plant Spice Mix – sage, peppermint and cumin is ideal for flavouring red meat (beef, pork, venison), white meat and fish. The mix also gives a special savour to pasta sauces, potatoes and vegetable salads. Ingredients Sage...

Chimichurri Black Label – Arytza

Characteristics: A dressing of this type made in Argentina has clear guidelines. Made with the typical variety of spices that make up this classic dressing, we obtain a balance of flavors with a 3 month aging process. Its traditional spiciness and the herbs that are added in the final stage...

“Castello degli Olivi” bottle cl. 50 extra virgin olive oil EU origin – Azienda Olearia del Chianti

” Castello degli Olivi” tin lt 5 extra virgin olive oil EU origin. Filtered extra virgin olive oil. The taste is smooth and delicate with a nuance of green olive and herby aroma. It enhances hot and cold dishes without covering the real flavour. It is recommended for all cooking...

Organic Saffron – Pure and Sure

Saffron is a spice with a strong fragrance and distinctive color. The spice is also rich in antioxidants, which may have many health benefits.Saffron is generally safe for most people to consume, and it is very simple to add it to the diet.

MOQ : 100
Hickory Bourbon – Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce

The Hickory Bourbon is an all-American delight, offering the tantalizing aroma and taste that only Bourbon can provide. Proudly made with small-batch Featherbone Whiskey from the award-winning Journeyman Distillery of Three Oaks, Michigan, USA, the Hickory Bourbon offers a savory kick with attitude, a great attitude. No shortcuts here.

MOQ : 6
Nova Olive Oil & Basil Infused 200ml – A TASTE OF PARIS

All products are guaranteed to be original from BUY2SELL, no counterfeit, poor quality, purchase directly from the supplier in foreign (No intermediary). Products are fully certified in the export country. Refund if the product is broken, damaged. Buy2sell support buyers to register products with the name of the buyer in...

MOQ : 6
Virgin Avocado Oil – Ahuacatlán

” VIRGIN AVOCADO OIL Product Composition 100% pure avocado oil. Variety/Origin Hass avocados from Michoacán, México. Commercial Presentation Bulk in 20 Liter jugs, 200 Liter plastic drums and 1000 Liter IBC’s. Storage Conditions Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Shelf Life 12-18 months under the recommended storage...

Sweet Baby Rays Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce 18oz – Sweet Baby Ray’s

Sweet and smoky with a chipotle kick. Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce Sweet honey and smoky chipotle peppers combine for a complex and tangy taste delivered with SBR’s signature thickness. Do your tongue a favor and slather this sauce (our spiciest yet) onto your next snack.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml – Olithea Corfu

OLITHEA is a Greek family business that is involved in the production and packaging of organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive groves of the company of a total area of 130 acres, are located in the village of Agios Mattheos, Corfu, and the cultivated variety is LIANOLIA, a traditional...

MOQ : 24
Pink Gold Balsamic Vinegar 3 Y.O 200ml – A TASTE OF PARIS

Pink Gold Balsamic Vinegar – used to salads, vegetables, fish. Drizzle over your favourite dishes. Pink Gold Balsamic Vinegar

MOQ : 6
DNV Mustard Sauce – DNV

Kasundi or mustard sauce is an integral part of any kitchen. This zesty flavor some sauce is not for the faint hearted, the strong citrus aroma & the unique taste has gained kasundi a special place in every bengalis food chain. Strong, pungent flavor of Mustard. Packaging is designed to...

Gold Himalayan Salt 145g – A TASTE OF PARIS

Pink Himalayan salt spangled with gold dust will beautifully accompany dishes such as foir gras, meat and fish dishes, salads, sauces…

MOQ : 6
Mister Salted Caramel Syrup 250ml (Gold wax) – A TASTE OF PARIS

All products are guaranteed to be original from BUY2SELL, no counterfeit, poor quality, purchase directly from the supplier in foreign (No intermediary). Products are fully certified in the export country. Refund if the product is broken, damaged. Buy2sell support buyers to register products with the name of the buyer in...

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MOQ : 320
Natural Avocado Oil, 500ml – Ahuacatlán

“ Ahuacatlán is 100% pure avocado oil, it is ideal for high heat cooking and baking, as well as an ingredient for vinaigrettes and marinades. Natural flavor, 500 ml, low content of saturated fatty acids, 100% natural product, with Eco-friendly glass bottle. ✔ 100% MEXICAN OIL – Ahuacatlán is the...

20+ ANTIBIOTIC Raw Organic Coffee Bean Honey From Mexico 227g MGO 829 – Latin Honey Shop

Bioactive award-winning organic honey. Lab-certified 20+ TA (= manuka MGO 829) antibiotic activity. Description 227g net weight in a glass jar The world’s first bioactive coffee bean honey. The tastier and affordable alternative to manuka honey. Lab certified 20.5 antibacterial Total Activity (see certificate). Equal to TA 20+ MGO 829...

MOQ : 2000
Spice Mix – lemon balm, tarragon and dill 125gr – Nera Plant

Nera Plant Spice Mix – lemon balm, tarragon and dill  Refreshing and sweet-spicy, ideal for low-sodium diets Nera Plant Spice Mix – lemon balm, tarragon and dill goes perfect with vegan salads, borscht and soups, potatoes, soy cheese, omelette, soy, lentils or chickpeas drob, fish, chicken, peas. Ingredients Lemon Balm...


At any time during the aging of our Pedro Ximénez raisins, the yeasts known as “micodermas”, taking advantage of the evaporation of alcoholic content, can attack one or more barrels of wine, transforming the original “ethyl alcohol” of the wine into “ethyl acetate”, that is to say “vinegar”. It is...

MOQ : 400
Gold Olive Oil & Truffle Flav 200ml – A TASTE OF PARIS

Truffle oil is a finishing oil not a cooking oil foods. Truffle oil is more of a flavoring or seasoning (that gives a burst of flavor) and should only be used lightly on your foods or dishes. The best use for truffle oil is drizzle over foods. Experiment by adding...

MOQ : 6
Pumpin oil 250ml – FINK

orginal pumkin oil is made from the seed of an typical austrian pumpkin. The tasty oil is black and very delicious. Very famous and popular in the austrian region Looks a littel bit interested, because it is dark green to black colored.

MOQ : 2016
Master Rice Oligo Syrup – Kang Bong Seok

Master Rice Oligo Syrup 1.2kg     Master’s premium oligo syrup provide a healthy, natural sweetness by carefully selecting Korean rice by boiling it for a long time, and has soft taste that is not irritating or strong like other artificial sweeteners. It has lower calories compared to sugar and...

medjool dates(jumbo classic) – ALDWAD

Palestinian Medjool Dates (Royal Dates) is a high-quality agricultural product due to the appropriate soil and climate for this type of date. It is considered a healthy and very beneficial food for the human body because it contains very important elements for the health of the human body and strengthening...

MOQ : 50
Bak Kut Teh Herbal Soup – Ko Da

✅Feature: Ko Da’s products meet the Taiwan national quality requirements of heavy metals, pesticide residuals, sulfur dioxide, etc. These information are gathered and can be found on “Chinese herbal tracing platform”. Consumers can connect to the platform and read the information through QR code on packaging. ✅Ingredients: Dangshen, Chuanqiong, Danggui,...

MOQ : 200
Fuwatto Koji Miso – HORAIYA HONTEN

Fuwatto Koji Miso 500g/pack – HORAIYA HONTEN 宝来屋本店 ふわっと糀味噌 500g HORAIYA HONTEN was established in 1906 as a Koji producer. This white miso is a special miso because its production method incorporates the fermentation power of amazake (a non-alcoholic health drink made from rice koji). It is made with Japanese rice and...

Manuka Honey 30+MGO 250g – ManukaLife Wellness

Manuka Honey 30+MGO – 250g High grade, active and authentic 100% Australian Manuka honey. ManukaLife Wellness brings you pure Manuka honey from the pristine wilderness of Australia. Traditional healing properties of Manuka honey are now endorsed by science. Sourced from wild Manuka forests, this premium honey is made by happy...

MOQ : 2100