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Express Makeup Brush cleaners with bergamot oil 100 pc. Manly PRO КО14- MANLY PRO

Makeup brush cleaner based on bergamot oil, the active ingredient of which, limonene, effectively dissolves and cleans dirt from the surface of the brush pile. It does not contain alcohol and aggressive cleaning agents. Designed for natural and synthetic brushes. Cleanses any cosmetic textures, including resistant ones. It contains antibacterial...

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Powder Foundation Brush – UYEDA BISYODO

Using high-class material for the brush tip. This authentic cosmetic brush is very soft, which can contain the ideal amount of powder on the skin. – Total length : 125 (mm) Hair quality : Goat (High class) Hair length : 35 (mm) Width × Thickness : 46 (mm)  

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Lady’s set 1K400 – Rubis

The 1K400P – Rubis set is dedicated to all women. The elegant case made of genuine leather contains the classic 1F000 nail scissors made of hardened steel for a sharp and precise cut, the classic 1K102 tweezers with slanted tips and the 1K700G glass bead file with micro glass particles...

Brush ZODIAC for powder Cancer (Limited edition) Z04 – MANLY PRO

The brushes are decorated with gold embossing and engraving with the constellation, name, symbolism of the zodiac. The deep blue color of the handle symbolizes the night sky. pla, nylon.

Lip brush K51b – MANLY PRO

A flat brush with a rounded tip allows you to create smooth, even lines in your lip makeup and perfectly evenly and smoothly applies any type of lipstick and gloss for a professional result. Nylon


Tweezer 7,8 cm with slant tips. Made in Italy. High precision.

Multi-purpose blending sponge Twist Manly PRO СП17 – MANLY PRO

Soft and gentle, but at the same time elastic, beauty sponge in the form of a drop with a bevel. Without latex in the composition. In the moistened and squeezed form, it perfectly collects and gives off any cream products. Applying tones, bases, cream blush and shadows will become easy,...

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FOR WOMEN 2 Blades Disposable safety razors – DEONICA – 3 + 1 pcs free

DEONICA FOR WOMEN 2 Blades Safety Razor Surface Technology delivers maximum shaving comfort. • 2 thin world-class blades made in the USA, they have a double ceramic coating, which guarantees a more accurate and clean shave • A unique floating head follows the contours of the face and provides a...

Tweezers universal CH 1K301P – Rubis

The universal tweezers 1K301P – Rubis with Swiss Cross (Rubis products are made in Switzerland!) have tips slightly narrower and straight. They are excellent for removing individual brow hairs and thinning your eyebrows. A first grey hair in your eyebrows? No problem. With the narrow universal tweezers you can easily...

Flat petal brush for cream and dry products (Limited edition) TT13 – MANLY PRO

A selective collection for sensual connoisseurs of beauty. These brushes are treasures made of the rarest materials. Squirrel is an expensive, rare, excellent hair for brushes. Sandalwood is a valuable type of wood. Handles made of polished sandalwood, without the use of varnish coating. The aroma of sandalwood is manifested...

Powder Brush – UYEDA BISYODO

The long bristles and round, flat shape of the brush creates the perfect amount of firmness while adding a soft touch to the skin. Each stroke holds the ideal amount of powder to add color effortlessly. – Total length : 180 (mm) Hair quality : Goat (Supreme class) Hair length...

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Flat brush for shadows (large) and blending blush details K62 – MANLY PRO

Soft pile and comfortable shape, moderately fluffy, but having two working planes, allow you to create beautiful accents of highlighter or blush, as well as soften transitions and feathering at the borders of textures and shades. Premium pony.

Multi-purpose blending sponge СП16 – MANLY PRO

A classic sponge in the form of an egg. In the moistened and squeezed form, it perfectly collects and gives off any cream products. Applying tones, bases and cream blush will be easy, fast and even.

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Multi-purpose brush for eyebrows and eyeliner (small) K45 – MANLY PRO

A small brush with a small beveled edge has several functions: you can draw neat arrows with it or arrange the cilia edge with any kind of eyeliner, you can also use it for detailed drawing of eyebrows with cream or dry textures. Nylon

Eyebrow Brush – UYEDA BISYODO

This firm brush allows you to add a smooth line to fix even the smallest flaws. In eliminating the tension and firmness that normally comes with synthetic bristles, this product will create an excellent finish to your makeup. – Total length : 110 (mm) Hair quality : PBT(synthetic bristles) Hair length...

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Tweezers crab 1K302CP – Rubis

The Tweezers 1K302CP – Rubis have a squared tip that grabs even the thinnest hair and are particularly adapted to remove unwanted hair between eyebrows. Your eyebrows are styled perfectly again.  They were developed to make daily eyebrow care easier and more enjoyable. We recommend that you always use the...

Cosmetic Bag Set of 3-Palm Trees White – Escape to Paradise

LIVE THE LIFESTYLE EVERYDAY Travel in style or simply use every day to store your cosmetics & beauty accessories. Also great for storing your tech accessories like cords and chargers to keep everything together in the one place.FEATURES: · Three great sizes of matching cosmetic cases · All cases are...

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Brush FILAMENT for eyeliner and brows FLM5 – MANLY PRO

brush for eyeliner and eyebrows. nylon (imitation goat), PLA, alumin

Brush FILAMENT for blending eyeshadow and concealer FLM4 – MANLY PRO

A multifunctional brush for dry and creamy textures. nylon (imitation goat), PLA, aluminum

Express Makeup Brush cleaner with bergamot oil Manly PRO (spray 250 ml) КО17 – MANLY PRO

Designed for natural and synthetic brushes. Cleanses any cosmetic textures, including resistant ones. It contains antibacterial components with a bactericidal and fungicidal effect. It takes care of the brush pile, softens and moisturizes it. Leaves a light aroma of bergamot on the brushes. It does not require rinsing with water...

Round foundation brush (flat cut) К17 – MANLY PRO

A dense brush for smooth application of tonal foundations and for modeling the face with cream correctors. Due to its shape, the brush evenly applies any cream products, and the coating is smooth and uniform. Nylon

Multi-purpose round brush for blush and concealer (flame-shaped) К14 – MANLY PRO

For those who like to work with brushes made of artificial pile, this brush will be irreplaceable. Its shape allows you to equally perfectly cope with any stages of working with the skin – apply foundation, cream or dry correctors, highlighters and blush, work with any types of powders, achieving...


Hair Thinning scissors 18 cm with finger rest. Made in Italy. High precision.

The Metamorphic Jade Roller – Luna Nectar

Ground yourself in your ritual with the soothing healing energies of The Metamorphic Jade Roller. A mini facial massage at home all day, every day! An ancient beauty tool made from crystal, Metamorphic naturally stays cool to the touch. The roller de-puffs the face, addresses under-eye circles and lymphatic drainage,...