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[POPTIC]Disposable Hair Catcher(8PCS) – HOUTION

POPTIC – Disposable Hair Catcher It prevents clogging your drainage pipe. Just install it in a drain, remove and replace it in 2 weeks! [Key Point] Prevent clogging from the beginning, convenient management for daily use. Clean appearance when plugged it in drain. Easy to clean with disposable hair catchers....

MOQ : 6000
[CLINET]Disposable Drain Net(18PCS) – HOUTION

CLINET – Disposable Drain Net You can clean your drainage W/O touching dirty hairs stacked on your drainage. It is single-use drainage net! Waste it together with hairs stacked on this product. [Specification] Material : PET Size : 35mm(Diameter), 0.25(thickness) Color : Blue [How to use] Bent : Hold the...

MOQ : 6000
[EzPOP]Disposable Drain Cleaner(6PCS) – HOUTION

EzPOP – Disposable Drain Cleaner It can remove hairs from your clogged drainage pipe. End your worriers of cleaning the drainage with one time use of it! [Check Point] Strong : Improve the strength by using folding lines. Smooth : Smooth movement even after putting into the drain. Stability :...

MOQ : 6000