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Klinix Mega-3a _bottle 80g ( Exclusive product for Pet clinics in S.Korea ) -Nalazoo

MEGA-3A is a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (such as Eicosapentaenoic acid ( and Docosahexaenoic acid ( from quality fish oil It provides an excellent balance of EPA and DHA in proportions that help provide the best physiological and immunological response

MOQ : 30
Cheescuits with Apple and Cinnamon – Pawfect

Cheese Biscuits with Apple and Cinnamon More than 70% authentic/‘high altitude’ Himalayan cheese with beneficial fruit & spice Rich in natural protein, Vitamin A, C, K and Calcium Healthy snack or a tasty training aid 100% Natural, Grain free, Preservative, Colour, Additive free Cheese (81%), Apple (9%), Egg (9%), Cinnamon...

MOQ : 500

Recipe INNE DOG – SENIOR is a recipe without cereal, composed of 80% animal protein and 20% fruits and vegetables, it is suitable for senior dogs and is lightened with fat to match the oldest dogs that have a higher risk of surges at a Lower physical activity.


Recipe INNE BIO DOG ADULT –  is a recipe without cereals, composed of 80% animal protein and 20% biological fruit and vegetables, which makes this recipe a highly digestible recipe and a complete food filling all the needs of your pet. Indeed adult dogs that have so-called normal activity, need...

N-Bone® Bone-A-Mints® Small – NPIC

Do you love your dog but hate his stinky dog breath? With Bone-A-Mints®, you can love both! Bone-A-Mints® is a tasty treat that will help your pup get fresh breath instead of doggy breath. Bone-A-Mints® offer superior breath freshening performance, with five powerful and natural breath fresheners: peppermint, parsley, fennel, dill, and...

MOQ : 4608

Therapeutic recipe for snacks INNE SNACK DOG – ARTICULAR CONFORT is a cereal-free receipt, composed of 60% of animal ingredients and 40% fruit and vegetables. Its composition contains glucosamine and chondroitin to lubricate vegetilages and reduce their degradation, as well as turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties.


Art Control is a dietary supplement to relieve your dog or cat suffering from disturbing disorders and problems. Rich in chondroitin sulphate, Art Control promotes the strength of cartilage and regeneration of your dog’s joints or cat. This powder, to put directly on the food of your pet, fight against...

Sniffstar – KNAUDER’S BEST

With the cute Sniffstar you and your dog can do a lot of things. Some of the hiding places are a bit trickier. On some of them your dog will only manage to get the reward with your help and therefore needs to show it to you first. Others he...

Arthrokun for dogs 260 g – Supplement for joint health – KUNKAY

Technical description: Arthrokun is a nutritional supplement for the symptomatic management of joint degenerative processes in dogs: Promotes cartilage regeneration (chondroprotector). Minimizes inflammation, slows the joint degeneration, and soothes the pain. Protects cell membranes from oxidative damage caused by inflammation.   Indications: Recommended in animals suffering from osteoarthritis that occurs...

MOQ : 1
Doggy’s Cuppa Evening Brew – Pawfect

Promotes relaxation, tranquillity and most importantly a good night’s sleep 100% Natural Dog Brew Caffeine Free Herbal Blend No preservatives or additives. Ingredients: Chamomile, St-John’s Wort, Lavender, Peppermint, Linden. How to use: Complementary

MOQ : 500
Kittenmilk Plus – Dr.Clauder

Large litters, not enough milk and weak kittens are risk factors that must be dealt with especially in the early stages of a litter. Kitten Milk+ replaces the mother’s milk for kittens, strengthens the nurturing cat, or it can be used to strengthen old or weakened animals. Kitten Milk+ emulates...

MOQ : 576
Clear Aqua 100ml – DAJANA

Agent for pure water; Agent for creating crystal clear water in your aquarium. This agent is used to achieve crystal clear water in your aquarium. It has a bacteriostatic and oxidizing effect, and it binds traces of metals. Clear Aqua should be used after the effect of the agents Start+...

MOQ : 10

Organic buckwheat flour, organic peanut butter, organic peanut flour, organic banana, organic coconut oil, organic dried flax seed, organic cinnamon, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E).

MOQ : 0

Weight Control is a dietary supplement to help your dog or cat limit cholesterol and keep the weight of shape. Rich in R-Carnitine, Weight Control promotes fat burning and stimulates the metabolism of your dog or overweight cat. This powder, to directly on feeding your pet, relieves the muscles and...

Smart Cat lightweight cat litter -50% lighter – Smart Cat

Smart Cat lightweight cat litter has the same quick clumping and also is 50% lighter.  An amazing product for those who don’t need the extra weight to carry home.

MOQ : 144
Dr.Clauder´s Best Choice Adult Lamb & Rice 12,5kg

Dr.Clauder’s Best Choice Adult Lamb & Rice is perfect for adult dogs with special needs. Dr.Clauder’s Best Choice Adult Lamb & Rice is very easy to digest thanks to natural, prebiotic fibre (FOS) from chicory. Very digestible and well tolerated thanks to high-quality animal and plant proteins. Very balanced protein-to-energy...

MOQ : 24
KOTO-KOTO Mouse type Beef avocado- Hell’s Kitchen

Meat base snack in creamy texture High palatability Resealable packaging for easy storage Feed directly as snack or mix with dry food to increase palatability Multiple flavors

MOQ : 60
Get Naked® Skin & Coat Health Small – NPIC

Get Naked® Skin & Coat Health dental sticks are grain-free treats formulated with a blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to promote and maintain the health of your dog’s skin and coat. Just like you, your dog needs balanced nutrition for a healthy body and overall well-being. That’s...

MOQ : 3456
Freeze Dried Goat Meat Treats – Pawfect

Veritable feast of taste and nutrients made from the fine cuts of grass fed freeze dried goat meat Ideal even for most allergic and sensitive dogs High in natural protein, low in overall fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Rich in vitamin B6, B12, C, E, A & K, iron &...

MOQ : 500

 INNE DOG – ATLANTIC Fish is a recipe without cereal, composed of 80% animal protein and 20% fruit and vegetables, it is suitable for dogs having normal activity. It brings them proteins, fat and other nutrients so they stay healthy.

Country mix Hamster 500g – DAJANA

Complete food for hamsters. While looking at the feed COUNTRY MIX you can see what you serve to your sweetie and you can be sure that you are doing the best for it. The feed is a thoroughly selected mixture of tasty crops of local origin, rich in diverse kinds of cereals, grains, fruits and vegetables,...

MOQ : 20
KOTO-KOTO Mouse type Chicken cartilage- Hell’s Kitchen

Meat base snack in creamy texture High palatability Resealable packaging for easy storage Feed directly as snack or mix with dry food to increase palatability Multiple flavors

MOQ : 60

With an automatic finish Anyone can style as they like Shining and exhilarating “power of nature” Hair elasticity (tension and elasticity) The natural ingredient hematin realizes the firmness of the coat that is inherent in dog breeds. Hypoallergenic and moisturizing skin and hair The base water contains herbal essence and...

MOQ : 120
Holiday block – DAJANA

Holiday Aquarium fish food; Put the feeding block into the aquarium before leaving home for your holiday or a similar period of time. Tiny bubbles will start to be released which with their aroma will attract the fish to the food during the period of your absence. The food is...

MOQ : 10