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Beconfident® Dental Guard Protect -Beconfident

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– entry model, relieves chewing muscles and protects teeth
– light & slim version
– one time size adjustment
– stability wings – protect teeths and TMJ from clenching and grinding
– stays in place with a smooth band
– easy to breathe with


Your Beconfident® Protect dental guard is as good as ready to use. Your body heat will shape the dental guard according to your mouth and your bite. If necessary, Beconfident® Protect can be adjusted to the size of your jaw. Read more about this below. Beconfident® Protect is free from BPA, latex, silicone and phthalates.
Check the fit
The biting plates on Beconfident® Protect are adjustable in five ways. 
Place the dental guard in your mouth without changing the pre-set position. The biting plates should rest on the molars and the bridge should rest lightly against the gums. Let the teeth have easy contact with the biting plates and avoid biting the bridge. Your body temperature will shape the dental guard according to your mouth and your bite, which is unique for Beconfident® Protect®. Adjust biting plates if necessary. If the biting plates are not resting on your molars Beconfident® Protect can be adjusted forward for smaller mouths or backward larger. Change the setting by holding the biting plates and gently bring the guard forward
or backward. Dip the dental guard in water to ease the adjustment. When Beconfident® Protect is set, no further adjustments are necessary.
For best habituation – insert Beconfident® Protect about 30 minutes before bedtime.
Close your lips and relax your jaw.
It is common to experience soreness, headaches or discomfort in your mouth and jaws the first time, but this is transient.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Rinse off the dental guard after each use and let it dry before it is placed in its storage case.
Replace the dental guard if you detect any cracks or when the plastic yellows.
Beconfident® has a wide range of dental products. In addition to dental guards you will also find peroxide free teeth whitening and whitening toothpastes. Read more on For questions about Beconfident® Protect or our other products, please feel free to contact us at support@
General advice and information:
How it works

Beconfident® Protect Tooth grinding (bruxism) is classified as a neuromuscular condition. Over- active jaw muscles can, among other things, lead to wear of the tooth’s chewing surface, cracks, discomfort and pain in the temporomandibular joint and headache. Your dental guard is designed to create a gap between the teeth and thus forcing the jaw muscles to relax. Focus on closing your lips while your jaws should relax.

Important Notes
• Beconfident® Protect dental guard is designed to protect your teeth against bruxism.
• Children under 18 should not use this product..
• The dental guard should not be used as a sports mouth guard.
• Do not use the dental guard more than 8 hours per day.
• Do not use the dental guard if you have braces.
• Read the instructions carefully before use and consult your dentist if you are unsure.
• Improper use can endanger your safety or cause damage to the product.
• Do not use the dental guard if it prevents you from breathing freely, causing pain, fall out or create other discomfort.
• Always consult your dentist if you are unsure of your oral health, and do not use if you have loose fillings or cracks in the teeth.
• Be sure to change your Beconfident® Protect if it is damaged or is abnormally worn. Contact e-mail:

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