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JEST Disinfectant sprayer- JEST

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JEST is the disinfectant sprayer to keep our daily life safe from the virus.

Below are the reasons why you have to consider JEST to be a companion to fight with you against virus.

1. Light weight

JEST is very light device weights only 1.9 kg, therefore elderly and women can easily use JEST for disinfection.

Because of its light weight, normal people who are not specialized in disinfection service can easily use at such place as restaurant, office, etc.

2. Effective disinfection

Despite its light weight, JEST is the strong device that can spray solution up to 7M.

In addition, even though the volume of the solution tank is not as large as other disinfectant sprayers, JEST is effective machine that can disinfect 1,150㎡ with its volume(750mL).

Therefore, users can save their disinfection time and usage of solution.

3. Wireless device using Detachable battery

JEST is the wireless device, therefore users can disinfect whenever or wherever they want, only with battery.

Before JEST, users have to buy extra device for continuous disinfection.

However, with JEST, users only need to buy extra battery for continuous disinfection, which is much more economical for users.

4. Ultra Low Volume Particle

The size of the particles sprayed by JEST is 5~25㎛, the smallest among other disinfectant sprayers.

Because of spraying ultra low volume, sprayed solution stays in the air longer and prevents secondary contamination.

In addition, the area which was disinfected by JEST is  will not get wet, suitable for interior disinfection.

5. Certificates

JEST is the ‘Made in Korea’ product and acquired KC, CE, FCC, RoHS that prove stability of JEST.

Also, facility which manufactures JEST have acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to prove the ability of quality management and environment management.


※ Product Specification

  • Size: 430x200x120mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Capacity of solution tank: 750mL
  • Usage time: 1 Hour
  • Spraying distance: ~ 7M
  • Spraying volume: 0.04L/min
  • Spraying Angle: 45º

※ Place to use(Restaurant, office, café, convenience store, etc.)

※ Product Composition

JEST 1ea, Milwaukee tools M12B6 Battery 1ea, Milwaukee tools M12-18FC charger 1ea, extra nozzles 4ea

※ User Manual

1. Charging the Battery
The Battery is not charged when you purchase the product. Please charge to battery before use.

2. Injection of Disinfecting Agent
After injecting an appropriate amount of disinfecting agent to be used in the disinfecting agent container,
turn the lid of the disinfecting agent container to the right and tighten it.

3. Machine Operation
After connecting the battery, pres the button on the left side to start the machine.
Spraying starts about 2 seconds after fan operation.
When you are finished using the machine, press the button on the left again.

4. Product Management
– When cleaning the product, please empty the disinfecting agent container first.
– Turn the power on to spray all the residual disinfecting agent inside the machine.
– Fill the disinfecting agent container with 100mL of clean water and spray until all the water comes out.
– Remove the battery.
– Store the product in a place free from moisture or salt.

※ Caution

1. Disinfecting agent(Solution)
– Any types of solutions can be used, except for viscous solutions and disinfectants that mix powder with water.
– User is recommended to use disinfecting agent(solution) composed of alcohol.

2. Safety precaution
– For the safety, use only the designated battery.
– Do not touch the machine, charger, or power plug with wet hands.
– Please use machine after learning enough operation and safety matters.
– Do not charge or store in a place with fire or direct sunlight, and temperature higher than 40℃.
– Do not turn the machine upside down or on its side with the solution.
– Do not drop the product or subject it to shock.
– Do not use near flame or flammable materials.
– Keep out of the reach from children.
– Do not disassemble or modify the product at your own discretion.
– Please read caution section at ‘User Guide’ for more information.

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