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SHIFT BLUE BOX shower gift package (filter, mini filter, shower head) – SHIFT

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Perfect for a house-warming gift!
Design to upgrade the bathroom interior.


Brand: SHIFT – Made in Korea
Product: SHIFT i BLUE BOX shower gift package


1. Repurchase rate in Korea: 78%
2. Export over 19 countries
3. Nominated as 2020’s Seoul Award Hit item
4. 100% Genuine Product Certification


#SHIFT i Vitamin Essence Shower filter
1. 50,000mg of Vitamin C from the UK
2. 99% Chlorine removal
– Removes 99% of chlorine from tap water
3. Triple compression carbon filter
– Purifies rust, heavy metals, and impurities in water
4. 15 Natural moisturizing ingredients for skin moisturizing
5. Caring Hair & Scalp and reducing hair fall
6. Aroma therapy with 8 different scents
7. ISO international certified
– ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certified.
8. Safety-related test completed
– Rust removal test completed, residual chlorine test completed, heavy metal detection test completed
skin irritation tested
9. Korea atopic association recommendation
* Period of usage: 30~60 days(for 4 people)

#SHIFT i Mini Shower Filter is a perfect size for travel
* Period of usage: 28~ 45 days (for 1 person)

#SHIFT i Gentle Spray Shower Head
1. 8 wings create optimal water pressure and smooth water stream
2. Harmless material(ABS)
ABS is an eco-friendly material is used for kids toys
3. Compact size: Short and Lightweight
4. Design preventing the residual water keeps the shower head hygienically
5. 12.7º golden angle allows water to flow down the body without being sprayed elsewhere
6. Design registered at the Korean Intellectual Property Office


[Variation: Fragrances]
1. Alice_ #Floral#Rose&Daisy
2. Forest_#Woody#Rosemary&Pinetree
3. Fruits_#Fruity#Grapefruit&Lemon


1. SHIFT i Vitamin Essence Shower Filter: 180g
2. SHIFT i Mini Vitamin Essence Shower Filter: 60g
3. Product: SHIFT i Gentle Spray Shower Head: 8.5 x 6.8 x 12.8(cm)


Step 1. Turn counterclockwise to unscrew and remove the old shower head
Step 2. Install the “SHIFT Vitamin Shower Essence Filter” to the “SHIFT i Shower Head”
Step 3. Connect the assembled shower filter to the hose and tighten it.
Then, enjoy a shower with modern and high-tech “SHIFT i Shower Head”


[Brand – SHIFT]
Korea Premium Shower Brand
“SHIFT” is a combined word of “Sh”ower and G”ift”.
We want the shower to be a pleasant experience beyond simply washing.

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2 rating to SHIFT BLUE BOX shower gift package (filter, mini filter, shower head) – SHIFT

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Rating SHIFT BLUE BOX shower gift package (filter, mini filter, shower head) – SHIFT
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