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Pioneer unsecured lending program tailored for online shop owners

No collaterals, loan limit up to VND 1.6 billion, with loan approvals are based on revenue generation history through e-commerce platforms.

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What is BizMerchant

Highlighted features

No collaterals needed

Loan limit up to VND 1.6 billion

30% of revenue generated through e-commerce platforms

Fast approvals

Within 3 working days after receiving full documents

Assessment by UOB will be based on revenue generated through e-commerce platforms

Product details

Major benefits

Additional working capital to leverage your business growth :

  • Purchase of inventories to prepare for peak seasons
  • Marketing boost and outreach campaigns
  • Inventories storage to fullfill large orders
  • Development of new product lines
Simple process
  • Seller leaves information on registration form here
  • UOB Bank staff contacts to consult within two working hours
  • Seller to provide detailed information through the electronic loan application link (provided by UOB staff)
  • Eligible seller prepares relevant documents
  • UOB Bank staff perform site-visit of the business, take documents, and customers sign loan contracts
Conditions of participation

Company/ Household/ Individual operating in Ho Chi Minh City and selling products on Lazada, Sendo and Shopee for at least 6 months.

Customer Story

“After receiving the capital from UOB BizMerchant loan package, our online sales revenue increased dramatically. The loan has been used to boost inventory storage and improve order fulfillment with a wide variety of products to our customers.

The outstanding advantages of this unsecured loan are reasonable interest rates, quick loan application process and professional support from UOB’s staff. I think online sellers really should consider applying UOB BizMerchant loan for business development and sales growth in the 4.0 era.”

Mr. Huynh Nhat Nam
CEO, NK Oil Export Investment Trading Company Limited

“BizMerchant is an unsecured lending program that gives great support to online businesses. With the loan from UOB Vietnam, we have expanded our business and tripled our revenue.”

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh
Managing Director, Everest Fashion




“UOB’s BizMerchant loan product is suitable for sellers as it does not require collateral and business license. You can apply for the loan by leveraged on the recorded shop’s sales history. These points give BizMerchant a big advantage over traditional loans.

Also, UOB offers the loan limit of up to 1.6 billion VND, which helped me run the business more efficiently & proactively: total sales have doubled and the inventory has tripled.”

Mr. Tran Lam
CEO, Natural House Company Limited

Principal & interest payment table

Below is an example of principal and interest payments for a loan of VND 1bil, tenor 12 months, interest rate 15.7% on reducing balance. Total interest payable in one year is VND85,041,667 equivalent to interest rate of 8.5% on the original loan balance VND1bio.

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