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Frizzano Italian Collection Sparkling Wine – Rosso (Red Sparkling) – 750 ML – Frizzano

Medium red colour with black currant flavour and a hint of black berries. Well structed, has a long finish and soft tannins with smooth bubbles.

Frizzano Rose Sparkling Wine – 750 ML- Frizzano

Light ruby pink colour. Fruity and floral nose, characters of guava, grape fruit, soft tannins with a lingering finish. Rose Sparkling Wine

Frizzano Italian Collection Sparkling Wine – Rosato (Rose) – 750 ML- Frizzano

The smooth effervescence of this lovely pink sparkling wine is a delight to the senses. Floral aromas and delicate strawberry flavours capture the magic of a quintessential Italian rosé with soft tannins. Rose Sparkling Wine