What in Vietnam?

Are you interested to export to Vietnam via our distribution system and develop marketplace through our solution?
Please find below our proposal for a successful cooperation in the Vietnamese market:
1) We will display your samples in our Showroom and our Sales Channels for B2B & B2C.
2) We will launch a campaign to Build Marketplace for your brand with our professional marketing program.
3) Orders might be obtained after finalizing the market access campaigns and the products registration in Vietnam.
Cooperation terms and policies

Next steps: Please let us know what budget suit you the most to develop the Vietnamese market, then:
1. You only need to provide Samples; our logistics department will arrange a pickup at your place to deliver to our showroom.
2. Provide Products Information including FOB prices, suggested retail price, MOQ, pictures and any marketing support we could use for promotion.
3. We will proceed to Register (FDA) products to legally import and sell in Vietnam, if we can reach a cooperation agreement.
We will send the details about the products launch in our 12 months program and our standard contract for distribution via email.